2015 Mountain Horse Snow Bike Systems

  • Pre Season Snow Check ordering runs from April 1st through May 1st

For the past 4 years, the Mountain Horse snow bike conversion kit has had no equal on snow. For model year 2015 we have taken the Mountain Horse to a completely new level by re-engineering it into a more potent and efficient design. Our focus was to significantly upgrade the overall performance, strength, handling, and durability of the Mountain Horse. The almost 2 dozen prototypes we've punished this winter season have completely exceeded all expectations; and have performed flawlessly.

If you are the type of rider that longs to find yourself carving powder deep in the backcountry; you need to be on a machine that you know is totally reliable, provides the ultimate in performance and gives the confidence to get you back to the truck. For 2015 we will offer 3 models: the ST (standard track 120 x 12.5 x 2), LT (Long track 137 x 12.5 x 2) and the SX (Snow Cross 120x10.5x2).

2015 Mountain Horse ST Kit (Standard Track)

ST on a KTM

ST Kit

The 2015 ST easily sets the standard for high performance mountain riding. For 2015 we gave it more SX like handling and suspension. We lowered the seat height and added more available suspension travel; all while improving impressive trail manners. The added suspension travel, enhanced rail design, and new suspension calibrations let the 2015 ST dance through moguls and rip through rough terrain in a more inspiring SX-like manner.

If you've longed for the nimble performance and fun-factor of an SX kit, combined with the enhanced powder shredding capabilities that the wider mountain track yields; then the 2015 Mountain Horse ST is your kit.

2015 Mountain Horse LT Kit (Long Track)

2015 LT on Husaberg

LT Kit

LT vs ST

In previous years the LT kit (137" long track) used the same tunnel as the ST kit (120" long track). New for 2015 the LT kit now has its own longer tipped up powder tunnel that places the bumper and grab handle right where you need it. The LT also offers a unique look all its own, and the new longer tunnel prevents the track from throwing powder forward toward the rider.

Looks aren't the only changes. Our objectives with the 2015 LT were to have it handle and ride better on the trail than previous years' ST kits, to lower seat height, and to take deep powder and hill climbing performance to entirely new levels. We completely annihilated all our objectives. Without a doubt, the 2015 LT kit is the powder shredding king, and it's no slouch on the trail. If you're the type of rider that doesn't want to worry about how deep, how steep, or how ridiculous the terrain is; the 2015 Mountain Horse LT is the easy choice.

2015 Mountain Horse SX Kit (Snow Cross)

The SX, or Snow Cross kit has been our test-bed for new technology, performance and durability; and we've put all we've learned from the SX into our 2015 ST and LT kits. Because we've achieved such high performance levels and almost SX like suspension and handling traits with the 2015 ST kit; the 2015 SX will remain limited in production, with only 50 available. The SX will not receive all the upgrades of the 2015 ST/LT's, but will feature the following changes:

  • Longer race tunnel with grab handle in a more convenient location
  • Narrowed ST powder track
  • Fox Float 3 track shocks
  • Timbersled Flex Arm
  • New 2015 ST/LT rear brake components
  • The rounded paddle "race version" track will also be available as a Snow Check option.

The SX will still use the old style gas mounting system, old style chain case and cover, chassis angles and its ride height remains unchanged.

Integrated Gas-Can and Rack System

If you have ridden a snow bike in the mountains you know that you have to carry extra gas if you want to insure that you make it back to the truck. The ST and LT kits now come with a Mountain Addiction Gas-Can that is a perfect fit in our newly designed gas-rack that is incorporated into the tunnel. The Can simply drops in the rack and is held in place with a high quality ratcheting strap that is similar to what is used on a snowboard binding. The system is extremely simple to use making your fill-ups quicker and reduces the risk of losing your can in the back country.

Tunnel Graphics

We've designed new graphics to compliment the aggressive new performance levels we've achieved for 2015. During Snow Check, you'll be able to select our standard (shown) or colored graphics to match the brand or decal colors of your motorcycle. Your Mountain Horse has never looked so good.

Lower Seat Height and Refined Chassis Angle

The rear suspension on the 2015 ST and LT kits has been refined and mounted higher in the tunnel to create a lower ride height. The chassis has also been re-engineered to sit at a 4 degree flatter angle putting less weight on the ski, and biasing more weight to the track. This creates more traction, more controlled steering and significantly improves ride quality. It also allowed us to re-design the suspension rails, refine the bump stops, and recalibrate the rear suspension. Incredibly, we were also able to add 12% more available rear suspension travel over previous ST/LT models, all while lowering the seat height.
Note: The 2015 ST and LT kits use the same Fit Kits as the 2014 and older kits do.


The Tunnel top and sides have been completely re-engineered. To accommodate the lower ride height changes, a kick up in the back of the tunnel was added that regains track clearance, puts the grab handle in a more convenient location and brings a new more aggressive look to the Mountain Horse. The side panels have been thoroughly tested and meticulously refined for added strength (both torsional and yield point), structural rigidity, and weight as the primary emphasis.

The front edges of the tunnel have been trimmed back to let the track paddles absorb impact and clear snow better. This yields better floatation and movement through the snow, helps deflect damaging objects, and provides more clearance for the heels of your boots. Also, because the new kit is so much more rigid, the Mtn. Tamer rear suspension works even better, and gets on top of the powder like never before.

Drive Bearings

2015 Double Bearing Housing

2014 Housing

2015 Bearing on Kit

The 2015 ST and LT kits come equipped with our new rigid 4 bolt bearing housings and more efficient double row bearings. The engineered rigidity and structure of the new 4 bolt housings combined with other key drive train, side panel, tunnel, chain case cover and frame enhancements to produce a chassis that puts more power to the track and is designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. This structural synergy also keeps the axles in alignment which should provide years of bearing life and rider confidence- especially for those with high horsepower or turbo bikes.

Note: Timbersled will be selling an update kit for all previous year Mountain Horse kits on our Replacement Parts Page

Drive System

The drive axle on the 2015 kits has been rolled forward and up to create higher drive axle ground clearance and to tuck the track farther up under the bike. We have also installed smaller diameter drive wheels to add even more clearance. These changes yield better deep snow performance because the drive wheels are now higher above the snow allowing the bike to have better flotation. The chain tensioner has also been carefully analyzed, tested, and simplified into a stronger single bolt adjuster; making it easier to maintain proper chain tension. The tensioner sprocket location and role have also been re-engineered; and thoroughly tested and proven on both stock and turbo bikes. The drive axle bolts now have fold-over locking tabs that securely lock them in place preventing them from coming loose. This eliminates the need to check tightness of the bolts.

Chain Case Cover

The 2015 chain case cover is made from a high impact Nylofiber plastic and bolts around the perimeter with 6 bolts. Internally the cover is designed with a reinforced impact zone around the outer perimeter to make it extremely impact resistant. The new shape of the cover rounds into the tunnel side with no square point. This makes it slither through the snow much smoother and deflect hard objects like rocks and stumps.

Brake System

The brake system has been refined to create more clearance between the track and brake disc. With the added clearance the disc picks up less snow from the track creating more positive stopping power. Also the brake caliper is mounted lower in the frame creating less snow build up around the brake system.

Rear Suspension

As you may already know the suspension on the Mountain Horse is not snow bike technology but comes from Timbersled's line of aftermarket snowmobile products. The system is called the Mtn. Tamer Rear Suspension System and is truly the reasson the Mountain Horse performs so well. Over the past 4 years we have refined the system for the snow bike application with smoother Fox shocks and an articulating front suspension arm that allows you to easily lean on the trail. For 2015 we have modified the front arc of the rails for a flatter track angle that will improve how the bike gets on top of the snow providing better deep snow floatation.


The Timbersled Backcountry ski has been a work in progress since it came out 2 years ago. We have redesigned the outer ski skags to provide more secure handling while cornering on hard packed trails. You can now lean into a corner on the trail and drive through it without the feeling that you need to hang your leg out for balance. The ski simply does not grab ruts and can hold a line on even the hardest trail conditions.
Note: These new skags can be purchased and installed on any previous year Timbersled Backcountry ski.

Mountain Horse Yearly Changes

For 2014 Timbersled has made several big changes to the Mountain Horse snow bike system. We have put most of our focus on improving the trail ride handling to provide a much more comfortable feeling while riding to and from the backcountry. We are very confident that you will be very impressed with these improvements to the production kits with the ability to update your existing kit.

Since we introduced the Mountain Horse in the 2010/2011 season, Timbersled has constantly listened to our customers and performed many hours (and miles) of testing in order to improve our products. Below you will find every major change we have made along the way to the Mountain Horse with information and links telling you how you can upgrade your kit throughout the different model years. We will continue to do everything we can to produce the absolute best snow bike conversion kit available.

We take pride in what we do with all of our manufactured and purchased parts being made in the US and Canada. With this method we are able to quickly make cutting edge improvements and then implement them with quality onto each year's product line without having slow overseas prototyping and long manufacturing lead times.

2014 Model Year
Brake Line
Dual Track Center Skag
Skag on Ski
  • Color Change: All kits now come with a satin black powder coat finish. The satin finish stays looking good longer and easily shines up with detailer spray such as Maxima SC-1 Clear Coat dirt bike silicone spray.

  • Brake Line: All MH kits now come with a 5' brake line so that you have the option to use your factory hand brake master cylinder as your primary brake. However you will still have the option to use the stock foot brake with the stock brake line if you choose to.
    Available on our Accessories Page 

  • Dual Track Center Skag: This new skag allows the 10" TS Backcountry ski to track 50% better than before. It allows you to ride down the trail with the comfort of minimal darting or shiftiness. This skag is also available for previous year TS Backcountry skis.
    Available on our  Accessories Page
  • Mtn. Tamer "Flex" front arm: The new front suspension arm has a side to side articulating motion that can be adjusted from 8° all the way down to 0° of motion (locked out). As you lean the bike the arm pivots allowing the rails to "Flex" side to side to creat the leaning motion. This allows you to be able to lean more easily while the track transitions from flat to on-edge when riding down the trail, making the snow bike feel more like you're riding on tires while the back portion of the suspension leans with the bike keeping the cutting edge portion of the track to remain affective while cornering.

  • Fox Shocks: There has been several internal and external changes made to the shocks but the most noticeable change is on the back shock. We have installed a heavier rate spring (200lb). It allows you to carry more tunnel cargo weight while running less spring preload to keep a supple ride. Also the front and back shocks have a simpler spring preload adjuster nut that is more user-friendly to fine tune your suspension.

  • LT Snow Flap: The LT kit now comes with a snow flap on the back of the tunnel to stop the spraying snow that comes off the back side of the kit when climbing. This snow flap will fit all previous model LT MH kits.
    Available on our Accessories Page

Since we introduced the Mountain Horse in the 2010/2011 season, Timbersled has constantly listened to our customers and performed many hours (and miles) of testing in order to improve our products. Below you will find every major change we have made along with information and links telling you how you can upgrade your kit. We will continue to do everything we can to produce the absolute best snow bike conversion kit available.

2013 Model Year
  • 10" Wide T/S BackCountry Ski: This ski has been specifically designed for the snow bike by Timbersled. This ski will come standard on all kits. This ski is also available as an upgrade to your existing Mountain Horse kit and any snow bike using a Polaris ski mount.
    Available on our Accessories Page

  • 1/4" Deeper Lug Track: This track is a newly designed Camoplast Challenger that is single ply with a 2" lug by 12.5" wide by 2.86 pitch and comes in a 120" or 137" length. The track includes fewer paddles due to the wider track pitch yielding more traction.

  • Slide Rails: Our new slide rails are custom designed and built for the Mountain Horse. They utilize a single I-beam design with a simpler and nicer look. They are 3 lbs. lighter than our previous rails.

  • Recalibrated Suspension: The Mtn. Tamer back suspension has been re-tuned for better ski lift and a lighter feeling on the ski. It also has more independent articulation in the rails that helps the bike maneuver through the bumps. The suspension also sits 1/2" lower resulting in the bike sitting 1" lower in the seat.

  • Grease-able Bearings: The new style drive axle bearing and bearing housing are designed specifically for the Mountain Horse. Not only can you grease the bearing with a grease gun but you can flush the bearing out with fresh grease. Each bearing has 2 holes in it, one on each end making it possible to pump grease in one end and out the other through the grease release hole located in the aluminum bearing housing.
    Available on our Replacement Parts Page

  • 3 Models to Choose From:  Timbersled now offers 3 Mountain Horse models.  ST (Short Track), LT (Long Track), SX (Snow Cross)

2012 Model Year
  • Wider ski spindle ears enabling more adjustment in the ski trailing of the spindle for added trail ride comfort

  • Steel sprockets made from heat treated 4140 Chrome-Moly steel
    Available on our Replacement Parts Page

  • EK O-ring chain

  • Brake caliper re-designed to connect to the stock foot brake master cylinder or stock hand brake master cylinder (optional brake line needed for hand brake)

  • Fox Zero Pro sprung shocks with internal jounce bumpers. These shocks make the suspension smoother and are more bottom out resistant.

  • Hard anodized cross shafts throughout the back suspension. This reduces sticktion in all the moving parts and provides a more precision ride quality due to the hard bearing-like surface that the anodizing provides.

  • 1 limiter strap compared to 2 on last year's model. The strap is wider for added strength and is on a bushing pivot at the bottom so that the strap folds in the same direction every time the suspension compresses. This produces a more precision ride because the 2 ends of the strap do not run into each other, a common problem that all snowmobile style suspensions have.
    Available on our Replacement Parts Page


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