Muscatell Exterior Package 2-4 hours

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Muscatell Detail Exterior Packages (2-4 hours)

  • Wash and Turbo & Hand Dry

  • Degrease Motor and Engine compartment(top side)

  • Single stage machine polish

  • Clean & Dress tires , wheels and wheel wells

  • Hand Wax entire vehicle exterior

  • Clean Exterior Windows only

 SedanSmall SUV & CrossoverLarge SUV, Truck & Van 
$125.00* $150.00* $175.00* 

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Phone: 218 -  359-2635

*Prices subject to change without notice and prices will be adjusted prior to work being performed. Excessively dirty vehicles, including but not limited to dog hair, tar, tree sap, over spray, rail dust, road paint, etc.
Commercial vehicles require estimates.
Bodily Fluids, Blood, Vomit, Urine, ETC inure Additional Charge.