Mountain Horse Custom Colors

You can customize the color of your Mountain Horse with endless combinations or custom colors on various parts of the system. The most common order we get is to coat the frame and suspension arms to match the bike. This provides a nice touch to set off the kit. In addition, these steel tubed parts can be re-powder coated a different color if the need ever arises. Some customers color the other parts in various combinations. Keep in mind that the aluminum parts cannot be powder coated again so you are stuck that color unless you replace the part. This includes the spindle, side panels, chain case cover and rails. The picture below shows the various parts that can be colored:

Available colors
Honda Red KTM Orange Suzuki Yellow Yamaha Blue Kawasaki Green Husaberg Blue White Steel Gray
Note: Just about any color can be ordered if you can provide us with a picture, color code, or other way to match it.
Sample Pictures